Cloud CyberInfrastructure Innovation Lab

UNCG Partner:

Somya Mohanty, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science

Research Title: 

A Big Data approach towards understanding the factors responsible for scientific citations


Citations have been widely used as a measure of scientific impact. While this might be a controversial topic, the success of scientific research can be attributed to a wide range of factors, and it is necessary to understand the factors which contribute to citation success. The overarching goal of the proposed research is – to develop data-driven machine learning models which predict citation success, and also in turn identify the key features which influence citations.
In order to achieve this we aim to develop a generalized prediction model (for all research domains), while considering topic specific scientific impact factor into its analysis. Towards this, the research objectives are as follows:

  • RO-1: To extract publication features and normalize citations across different domains.
  • RO-2: To develop machine learning models for citation count prediction. 
  • RO-3: To evaluate the model-variable importance using factor analysis. 
  • RO-4: To understand the factor dissimilarity across domains. 

Scope of CCI Lab Involvement:

The scope of CCI lab is to enable access to the Microsoft Academic Graph which will enable the study into the citation research.

This includes setting up a small storage allocation on Microsoft Azure.