Cloud CyberInfrastructure Innovation Lab

Faculty and researchers at UNC Greensboro may apply to join the CCI Lab. Participants in the lab gain access to cloud computational resources to support their research projects and teaching while committing to develop and publish CyberInfrastructure blueprints, resource and cost utilization, and impact results. Before applying, please read through the following Q&A to better understand the CCI Lab.

Q – How do I find out about CCI Lab opportunities, workshops, and events?

A – Join the CCI Lab Announcements List, by visiting and following the options on screen to join, OR, send an email to [email protected]. The CCI Lab will also post events to, and the “Events” page on this website as well.

Q – What does the CCI Lab provide to the researcher?

A – In addition to providing access to cloud computing credits, the CCI Lab provides design assistance, cost analysis, and cloud platform expertise. The lab also provides learning opportunities from cloud partners.

Q – As part of the lab, what does the researcher need to do?

A – Lab participants are expected to include the lab their research projects by maintaining a GitHub repository that contains details on how cloud resources are being used in the projects. At a minimum this includes design, cost estimation, and actual cost. Participants are encouraged to include any code used to create or run cloud computing infrastructure.

Q – How many cloud credits are available?

A – The CCI Lab works collaboratively to determine how to distribute cloud credits. Administration is handled by the CCI Lab, allowing researchers to focus on their project and not setting up and managing the cloud computing platforms.

Q – What cloud resources are available through the lab?

A – The lab is focused on the use of Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service offerings. Currently, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) resources are available through the lab.