Cloud CyberInfrastructure Innovation Lab

The CCI Lab is dedicated to furthering the use of cloud CyberInfrastructure at UNC Greensboro in both research and the classroom. Information Technology Services (ITS) operates the lab under the direction of Jeff Whitworth, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Enterprise Infrastructure and Chief Infrastructure Architect. The lab creates a place for faculty and researchers to work with IT experts from ITS and strategic technology partners outside the University to catalyze the use of cloud CyberInfrastructure by providing design services, cost estimation, and rapid start using existing cloud technology infrastructure.

Participants in the lab have access to cloud infrastructure resources without having to manage their own contracts, billing, or cloud platform configuration. The CCI Lab may provide cloud credits that can be used for project start up, proof of concepts, or better understand costing as part of proposal development.

You can find out more information about joining the lab here.

Active projects can be found on the CCI Lab GitHub page and in the project spotlight.

Learn more about the cloud services facilitates by the CCI Lab here: Google Cloud Platform, Azure for Research